Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Discipline of Prayer

Ok, so I'm reading this book "The Celebration of Discipline" and it's really teaching me alot. I've read on the discipline of prayer. Foster first starts talking about these giants in the faith who pray 3 hours a day and i'm thinking "ok, i'm totatlly going to fail at this" but then he makes me feel a little better by saying don't attempt that... you've gotta work up to it. He has this great illustration to look at your prayer life. He talks about your TV set and you know it's working when you see the picture. He says it's the same with prayer. You know it's working when you see results. And just like if the TV isn't working, it isn't because there aren't TV signals around, it's something blocking the signals. Are you really connecting with God in prayer? Are you praying God's thoughts and His desires, or your own selfish desires. Do you pray believing it will change the future, or do you think the future is set in stone and prayer has no effect upon it? He makes some excellent points and at the same time makes it liberating. To know God so well you know and pray His thoughts. Now there's power!

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